Where craft beer and prosecco fell in love and cheer with friends

TODAY'S special

Well, every body needs a break sometimes. We are closed today.

Happy hour

It's the weekend Y'all. Happy hour 17.00 - 20.00. 🍺helles 0,5 | 3,5 €
🍊Aperol | 4,0 €

TODAY'S special

It's tuesday. Up for a little quiz?
pub quiz 20.00

TODAY'S special

It's fancy wednesday. Fancy some Prosecco? bottomless for 25 €

How do you describe a bar? Well, maybe we just list the things we love. We love to have a laugh. We love good music, yeah sometimes it might be a bit rocky and a throwback to your emo times. On the other hand who wouldn't sing along to Kelly Clarkson or Highschool Musical? It’s a weird mix. We know.

We also love to party. We love fruity sparkling drinks with Prosecco after we had an ice cold craft beer from Brew Age. Yeah, we have six beers on tap. Sometimes we just love laid back evenings with a pub quiz. On Wednesdays we feel fancy and fall in love with our Prosecco flatline.
Long story short: We love to a great time with amazing people.
Every Tuesday

Pub Quiz

Hey smartypants 👋 Did you know that according to a study published in 2014 dinosaurs had feathers? 🦖 So a T-Rex might have looked like a giant chicken, and it kinda makes sense looking at the picture now. Anyhow, the time has come to proof your elementary school teachers wrong and show them that you have come a long way. Stun the crowd with your knowledge and good music taste.

20 questions. 20 songs. 5 people per team.
If you nail all 20 questions, you win the jackpot of 200 €. And for the winning teams knowledge & music: 30 € drink voucher. See you Tuesday🎉

Fancy Wednesday🥂

First things first, of course you don’t need to dress fancy. But every now and then we enjoy the occasional sparkling sensation of a good Prosecco glass or - who are we kidding - bottle, and we know you do too. Listen to Kelly Clarkson, Siaa, ABBA and more while the Prosecco hits your taste buds and your heart. 🎉

Bottomless Prosecco & Olives – 29 €

Party / Reservations

Celebrate with us 🥳

Don't worry, we all get older 🤩 We are looking forward to celebrating with you. From birthday parties to "Uh it's raining and we wanted to celebrate outside" spontanous parties with Piñatas, suprise parties and Oceanologists wanting to have a good time after their conference, we are here for you 👋

No reservation fee
No minimum consumption
Unlimited fun
Brew Age

Best beer in town* 🍻

* Wait, we don't know if we are legally aloowed to say that. It's just ridicously delicious beer, pinky promise 🤘Brewed by the most amazing guys from a local brewery.

Craft Beer from Brew Age
6 Beers on tap
Bottled beer from strong to very strong

What the best customers in the world say

Let's have a great time. reserve your table or plan a party? 🥳